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Want to know who the people behind the curtains are? In addition to our dedicated cast of NPCs & Perm NPCs - who are the face of Cottington and bring it to life with every role they play, from howling wolf to dancing fairy, from conniving noble to cackling witch - below are the Directors and Staff of Cottington Woods 2

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John Mangio:
John (he/him) is the creator and co-director of Cottington Woods LARP, which was originally co-conceived with Michelle in 2002 as a campaign setting for D&D during the TSR contest for a new campaign world for 3rd Edition (which made it to the semi-finals, but sadly - or lucky for this LARP! - was not chosen). John is a storyteller at heart, and embarked on this crazy journey because the stories that are Cottington demanded to at last be told (and Michelle was crazy enough to agree to run a LARP with him).

John has been LARPing since 1991, has been GMing Tabletop games since childhood, and even once worked for Turbine, helping to bring to life Dungeons & Dragons Online & Lord of the Rings Online. Prior to Cottington, he was Plot Staff for Seven Virtues (7V) LARP, NPCed numerous games, and has PCed numerous games since 1991.

Michelle Mangio:
Michelle (she/her) is co-creator and co-director of Cottington Woods LARP. Where John is the creative direction, Michelle (as John is wont to say) is "the brain behind the operations." Michelle is excited to be sharing at last the setting, peoples, and stories first conceived in 2002 and since then endlessly shapred by the community of Cottington, from fellow staff to NPCs to PCs. She delights in interconnected, woven stories, dreamscapes, and intrigues.

Michelle has officially been LARPing since 1990 (unofficially, she, her cousins, and friends created their own backyard LARP years before then) and playing D&D and tabletop games since she was five (her older cousin ran her and her brother through adventures while babysitting them). Her favorite series of video games is Final Fantasy, especially VI, VII, and VIII. She has also previously staffed Cavalier LARP, Core NPC for Atlas Agenda II and Madrigal 2, ran modules & plotlines in old NERO Ravenholt, and has PCed and NPCed numerous games in her long LARPing career, including Theatre and Boffer/Sports LARPs.

Senior Plot Staff:

Alysha B. (she/her)
Alysha started Cottington Woods 1 as a Permanent NPC, but was soon pulled over to the Plot Staff side due to her enthusiasm to tell stories; she has since been writing plotlines for Tales and now Cottington Woods 2, and ran her very first full event in the Director's Chair in Tales.

Niki Ruttan (she/her)
Though she has played D&D for so long that she doesn't actually remember learning how, Niki only started larping in 2012. She NPC'd the last few events of 7V and got completely hooked; now she is literally up to her eyeballs in LARPs. She PC'd: Aralis 2, 5th Gate (Silverfire), Crossover, and Shadowvale. She NPC'd Cottington Woods 1, Madrigal, and Threshold. She excited jumped over to the Staff side for Tales when John & Michelle asked her to join, and she is eager to be returning to tell new stories in Cottington Woods 2. She is super excited to be Staff for Tales. Niki lives in Winthrop with 2 cats and a bearded dragon and loves that her day job as a teacher lets her spend her summers on the beach.

Plot Staff

Amanda H. (she/her)

Coryn P. (they/them)

Rick P. (he/him)

Support Staff

Brendan T. (he/him) - Staff NPC

Matt M. (he/him) - Staff NPC

Matt S. (he/him) - Staff NPC

Logistics & Monster Camp:

Monique P. (she/her)

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