Cottington FAQ

What is Cottington Woods?

    Cottington Woods is a LARP set in the Written World, a world of fairy tales, tall tales, campfire tales, legends and lore. It is intended to be dark yet heroic, where we supply the dark, and our players will provide the heroic. Although we stretch the definitions, our player characters are all human and very mortal.

Is the game tongue in cheek?

    Most emphatically not! While it is the case that sometimes embarrassing things may transpire, or a curse may sometimes make a character look less heroic than he might like, the game is not designed to be humorous. Instead, the game will be somewhat dark and sometimes horrific.

Where will the game be run?

    We plan to use Eagle Pass Camp. If the camp is not completed by the time we plan to run, we’ll play it by ear. That said, at least our introductory one day event is designed to be run at Eagle Pass Camp as it currently exists.

What is the schedule of events?

    Our current plan is to run a single one shot introductory event. After that there are twelve scheduled weekend events, with a tentative schedule of four events each year for three years.

Do you offer CP exchange?

    At this time we have an official agreement with Invictus (which starts around the same time as Cottington Woods), Aralis 2, Endgame, Isles, Lost Eidolons, Madrigal, Mirror Mirror, Numina, Occam's Razor, and Seven Virtues. We will be approaching other games going forward. If there is an Accelerant game you’d like to make sure we approach, let us know.

Is there anything else we should know?

    Visit the site regularly for updates.
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