Stories of the Written World

The following are just some of the stories that might be known in the Written World. All of these can be found in the books of the Library at the Cotting House (in-game).

The Stories of Alice Told in the Cotting House

Following are the collection of stories that Alice told on those times she snuck away to the Cotting House, from 2012 to 2016.
(Out of Game: These were the stories told at the beginning of game, as well as the epilogues told at game end)

Tales Told in the Cotting House: Stories from the Patrons

Following are the collection of stories the Patrons brought to the Cotting House, from 2017 to 2019, and were read aloud therein.
(Out of Game: These were the stories told at the beginning of game during the Tales from the Cotting House campaign, as well as the final event epilogue)

A Tome of Tales from Scholar Devon Greene

Following are the collection of stories compiled by the Scholar Devon Greene. These tales had almost been lost to Corruption, but were saved by a bit of Luck and Chance and the heroics of the Woodlanders. Some colloquially refer to it as "the Exploded Tome" as a result.

Cotting Family Geneology

Records and notes compiled by Vigo Cotting on the geneology of the Cottings. This currently resides in the Library at the Cotting House.

Of the Old Wood (Ealdwood)

A scroll found with a brief description of the Old Wood (Ealdwood) of Cottington Woods

From Stories of Cottington Woods: Niall Hayward

Taken from the Notes of Scholar Greene, this is a story of Niall Hayward from the long ago of the Robber Barons, who commanded the aid of the Guardian of the Woods and then swore himself to her service to make amends for the aid taken.

Johanna Tells the Tale of Farraway Burning

This is a story purported written by the Patron, Johanna, of the Burning of Farraway City during the Great Houseland War, which began in November 2015.

Clarissa's Storybook (A Collection of Tales)

This is a collection of tales: The Velveteen Rabbit, The Story of the Changeling Who Wanted to Be A Real Boy, The Brave Tin Soldier, The Tale of the Rat King and the Nutcracker, and Pinocchio

Johnny Crows Garden

A Children's Picture Book, written by L. Leslie Brooke.

The Stories of Redbridge Stanton

Redbridge Stanton was a famous member of the Society for Extraordinary Adventurers, who disappeared on a final quest. His exploits are widely read:
Redbridge Stanton and the Coffer of the Lost Codi
Redbridge Stanton and the Basin of Doom
Redbridge Stanton and the Cup of Kings
Redbridge Stanton and the Kingdom of the Dustland Skull
The Young Redbridge Chronicles

Excerpt from The Songs of the Forefathers of Simrock: Koschei the Deathless

This is an excerpt from the Frostwroth Saga: Songs of the Forefathers of Simrock, which tells the Tale of Koschei the Deathless.

Stranger from a Strange Land

A fanciful tale of a man named Walter Nigel Thomas who grew up among the Fairies and gained strange powers from them. This is only a story.


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