Rulebook for Tales from the Cotting House

Cottington Woods Rulebook

New Rules (Cottington Woods 2: The Final Tale)


Accelerant core rules

Weapon & Packet Guidelines

  • Cottington Weapon & Packet Guidelines - Cottington will be using the same Weapon/Armor Guidelines as Madrigal, with one exception: packet arrows do not need to have streamers
  • Shields will follow the same dimensions allowed in Accelerant games. Please see this reference from B3 Imagination Studio:

Participant Agreements & Waivers

If you are attending a Cottington Woods event, you are also required to fill out and turn in the following forms in order to participate:

You may also download a copy of our Community Values & Code of Conduct, as well as the current Campsite rules:

Rules Archives

Original Rules (Cottington Woods 1: The Evil Fairy Queen Campaign)

Accelerant core rules


Tales of the Cotting House Rules


Cottington Woods 2: The Final Tale Rules


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