Cottington Woods: Tales from the Cotting House Events

2024 Schedule of Events
January 13, 2024 (RP Day)
April 12-14, 2024
May 17-19, 2024
August 3, 2024 (RP Day)
September 13-15, 2024
October 11-13, 2024

*weekend events held at Camp Frank A Day, East Brookfield, MA
*Winter RP Day held at Estate of Mind, Whitinsville, MA
*Summer RP Day held at Camp Denison, Georgetown, MA

2025 Schedule of Events
January 11, 2025 - Winter (Fairy Ball) One-Day Event
April 11-13, 2025
May 16-18, 2025
July 19, 2025 - Summer RP Day
September 15-17, 2025
October 10-12, 2025

*weekend events held at Camp Frank A Day, East Brookfield, MA
*Winter One-Day Day held at Clara Barton Camp, North Oxford, MA
*Summer RP Day held at Camp Denison, Georgetown, MA


Past Events

2021 Schedule of Events
September 18, 2021 - Prequel 1-Day Event for NEW Players (11am-6pm)
September 18, 2021 - OOG Social Dinner & Hangout (7pm-10pm)
September 19, 2021 - Prequel 1-Day Event for RETURNING Players (10am-5pm)
October 23, 2021 - Prequel 1-Day Event for ALL Players (10am-10pm)
October 24, 2021 - OOG Social Brunch & Hangout (11am-2pm)

2022 Schedule of Events
May 20-22, 2022 - FIRST Event (CAMPAIGN OPENER)
September 16-18, 2022
October 21-23, 2022

2023 Schedule of Events
April 7-9, 2023
May 19-21, 2023
August 5, 2023 (RP Day)
September 15-17, 2023
October 13-15, 2023

*weekend events held at Camp Frank A Day, East Brookfield, MA
*Winter RP Day held at Estate of Mind, Whitinsville, MA
*Summer RP Day held at Camp Denison, Georgetown, MA


Events Fees
Weekend Event Fee: $95 in advance, $110 at the door.
One-day Event Fee: $55 with potluck food, $65 in advance, $75 at the door.

Event Fees may be paid via PayPal to, via Venmo to @CottingtonWoods, or Zelle to
If you prefer to pay by check or some other method, please contact us to make arrangements.

As we are operating at cost, we welcome players who wish to pay a higher Weekend Event Cost to help give us a budget to buy NPC food, as well as props and costumes that cannot be done with donations. You will receive 1 CP per $5 for cash donations. So a $100 event fee payment gives you 1 CP ($5 extra), while a $120 event fee payment gives you 5 CP ($25 extra).

PayPal QR Code
Use this to pay to save us fees.
You may make extra payment for CP using the Tip functionality, or by increasing the amount beyond hte $95 event fee.

Venmo QR Code
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You may make extra payment by increasing the amount beyond the $95 event fee.

For information on Playing Cottington Woods, please go here.

For information on NPCing, please go here.

[ PC Pregistration | NPC Preregistration | Event Overview | Event Campsite | Other Campsites ]

Registering for an Event

Preregistering as a Player 

We strongly encourage all Players to preregister to attend an event. This lets Plot Staff know that you are attending, and thus can prepare plot for your character! If we don't know you are coming, we can't write plot for you. It is much better to Preregister early and then cancel if you cannot attend last minute, than it is to preregister last minute (as it's much easier to bump plot to the following event than it is to write plot and add it in last minute).

We will announce on our Google Group when Preregistration for a given Event will open. Typically, this will be at least 6 weeks or more prior to the event, and at least one week prior to the actual Preregistration Open Date to give every player a chance to prepare and preregister at the same time.

Once Preregistration opens:

  • You may preregister on LARP Portal
    • Log in. Make sure "Cottington Woods" is selected on the Campaign dropdown in the upper left corner. Then click on "Register for an Event."
  • Preregistrations received before the Preregistration Open date will not be accepted. This is to give every Player a fair chance of getting into the event
  • Preregistrations are accepted in order of receipt. The registration form is timestamped, so that we know whose registration was received first.
  • Event payment is NOT due at time of preregistration, though you receive a CP bonus if you pay by the Preregistration deadline. However, if we have a Waitlist, we will set a date at which payment for the event is due in order to ensure entry.
  • If you have genuine financial hardship that prevents you from paying for an event by the payment deadline, contact us in advance and we can work something out. If your financial hardship is so severe that you’re having trouble affording events at all, please contact us rather than missing events; we may be able to work out an arrangement to reduce your event fee in return for services to the game.

We believe in a good ratio of NPCs to PCs, with 1 NPC per 3-4 Players. In the rare case we do not hit our NPC preregistration numbers, we may institute a cap and a waitlist. So, please encourage your friends to NPC!

The PC Housing area of the campsite consists of 7 cabins that can sleep 16 players in the small cabins and 20 players in the large cabins - we will likely reserve 2 of those cabins for NPC / Module use, assuming our PC numbers allow us to do so. Some time prior to the event, we will send an email to the Cottington Woods GoogleGroup requesting one individual from each team/group of players send us an email with a Housing list. Staff will then assign housing to players, and send an email to the list with the Housing assignments. We will try to make the cabin location consistent for groups each event. If your group is less than 6-8 people, please realize that other players will likely be housed with you. We prefer not to have a "team mentality" in Cottington Woods, but we do encourage players to find 8 to 10 other players that they do not mind sharing a cabin with during events to submit a housing list together.

Registering as an NPC / Cast Member 

Please let us know if you are going to NPC an event for us!
By preregistering
, we are able to preassign you roles for the upcoming event. Also, knowing how many Cast members we will have at an event allows us to set a realistic Player Cap.

You may preregister as an NPC at any time through LARP Portal,
and then fill out our NPC Preferences here for preferences on roles, sleeping, breaks, food, and more.

Also, if you have not already, please take a moment to fill out our NPC Survey. This lets us know what kinds of roles you like, as well as things like what food you like to have in Monster Camp.

For information on NPCing, please go here.

Event Overview: How Events Will Run
(aka, when can I go to sleep?) 

Tales from the Cotting House events run from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, but will follow a format we pioneered during the original Cottington Woods campaign. We hope that this format will cause less stress on Friday evenings, but also allow for more sleep throughout the event.

Friday Night Format: Introduction at the Tavern:

Game is intended to begin at 10pm on Friday Nights with Out of Game Opening Ceremonies, followed closely by Game On. But Friday nights will be "Tavern Only" (and the area immediately around it) In-Game Only, and "Full Game" will start on Saturday at 10am.

What does this mean for arrival and game play?

Friday Night "sets the scene" for the Event, and will reveal important Plot information. Plot will occur, but only within the Tavern, and will end by 1am. Combat, if any, will be minimal. the intent here is to allow people to come into game as they arrive, roleplay with themselves and major NPCs, and get a jump on the plotlines of the weekend.

The remainder of the campsite will be Out of Game. This means you can drive up to your cabins no matter the hour you arrive and settle in. It gives Monster Camp/Staff/NPCs a chance to set up for the weekend. It also means that if you are tired on Friday night and want to sleep, you can do so without feeling you've missed the main plot of the weekend.

There will be plot relevant things happening on Friday night (so we encourage everyone to arrive on Firday), but our goal is to make this a "head start" and anyone who waits to show up on Saturday morning should be able to jump right in without feeling like they are not a part of the story of the weekend.

Friday night will also provide a forum for PCs to talk to Plot Relevant NPCs to ask questions, gain information, and roleplay. These NPCs may choose to stay out past the 1am mark if they choose or PCs wish it, but note that we encourage everyone to get a decent night sleep on Friday night.

For players returning to Cottington, this will follow the format of our "Neverland" Event. This format was so well liked and received, we decided to make it the format of Tales events going forward.

The exception to this is the First Tales event, where you WILL miss important starting plot if you do not arrive on Friday night.

Main Event will run from Saturday 10am to Sunday 2pm:

The "main event" will begun at 10am on Saturday morning. We encourage players to have breakfast before then, and be ready to go, as our goal is to jump right into the main stories of the event. If you missed Friday night, no worries: your fellow players can fill you on what was missed, but most importantly, NPCs will fill you in on any gaps. The main event is designed so you can begin on Saturday without needing to be at the event Friday. You just might have some clues that only come out on Friday evening.

To Bed: The Town Crier

In Cottington Woods, Vigo or another NPC would often announce in the Tavern when it was "safe" to go to bed. By "safe" we mean that major plots were done, and if anything occurred, it was purely roleplay or a targeted encounter.

In Tales, we will be introducing the "Ghost of the Town Crier" who will come through town with a large bell, and leave notice on the doors and walls of the Tavern (in case you happen to not be around when the Crier arrives) to let everyone know the sleeping hour has come.

Generally speaking, this will be 1am on Friday night and by 2-3am on Saturday night. We aim to allow everyone the chance of a decent night sleep, and not reach Sunday evening in fear of their safety when driving home from the event.

Generally speaking, we aim for main plots to run 10pm-1am Friday, 10am-2/3am Saturday, and 10am-2pm Sunday.

You are certainly welcome to stay up late and roleplay amongst yourselves. It is possible that NPCs may choose to stay out after encounters end to answer questions and roleplay as well. But you should not expect major plots to run past 3am. Please help us ensure reasonable sleep for all!

Do understand that sometimes the best laid plans go awry and games run late. But we promise, we will do everything in our power to allow people to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.


Weekend Events

YMCA Camp Frank A. Day

All Cottington Woods 2weekend events are currently planned to be held at YMCA Camp Frank A. Day (also on Facebook) in East Brookfield, MA. The campsite is conveniently located 55 miles west of Boston, not far off the intersection of the Mass Pike and I-84.

Click here for a map of the campsite

To see some photos we took of Camp Frank A. Day, go here.

Camp Frank A Day is a large, modern campsite with very nice facilities - including clean, modern bathrooms with hot showers. It has three main clusters of cabins. Many LARPs use the Juniors Cluster of Cabins for PC area - these cabins have 5 bunks/10 beds, and there are 10 cabins in this area. The Midgets ring of cabins, with 4 bunks/8 beds in the 6 cabins, is often used for NPC sleeping quarters. A two-sided bathhouse separates the area.

The Senior Cabins (3, with 5 bunks/10 beds) are slightly larger, and circle an area with a "motel" - a long cabin with many bunk beds that Cottington used as module space. This area also has 2 cabins directly across the Dining Hall.

The Dining Hall has a working kitchen that may be used, though you must clean the kitchen at the end of the event if utilizing it.

The Hangar - a large hangar-like building with a stage located at the far end of the camp - works well for large module space. You can hang tarps to sub-divide the area into module areas, and there are a few small rooms behind the stage. There is an Arts and Crafts building next door that can be used for module space, and there is a bathroom in the area.

Throughout the camp, there are a number of "Staff Buildings" that can also be rented and used for smaller module space. The campsite has three large fields, as well as a tennis court (we often used this for outdoor module space), a few smaller fields, and numerous trails. It has an outdoor theatre area (that they call the Chapel) that has outdoor plugs and benches, as well as a ropes course. We personally found the campsite had tons of space which could be used creatively to run a large number of encounters.

Note that the cabins do not have facilities for cooking, but you may grill outdoors as long as you take proper care of the campsite (thoroughly clean up after yourself, don't leave behind food that animals might find, etc.).

Parking is available near the Hanger.

For those who prefer to Tent, there is a tenting area onsite with raised platforms. During the warmer months, there are canvas tents set up on the platforms as well as bunks making it viable for sleeping areas or for module space.

Directions to Camp Frank A. Day:

125 South Pond Road, East Brookfield, MA 01515
From Massachusetts:
  1. Take the Mass Pike to exit 9, Sturbridge.
  2. Take the first right after the toll booth, which is Rte. 20 West.
  3. Turn right just before the American Motor Lodge onto New Boston Rd.
  4. Clock 4.8 miles, always bearing right at forks
  5. Take two lefts and you'll be in camp. Signs are posted.
From New York and Connecticut:
  1. Take Rte. 84 to the last exit before the Mass Pike, which is Rte. 20 West.
  2. Follow the directions above beginning with step 3.

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Other Campsites:

While Cottington Woods 2 will be run at Camp Frank A Day, we thought we'd include information on campsites we've used in the past so that LARPs looking for Campsites in MA can find information on other LARP-friendly locations.

Eagle Pass Camp | Ye Olde Commons | Camp Woodstock YMCA

Previous Primary Campsite: Eagle Pass Camp

Tales from the Cotting House, which ran from May 2017 to October 2019, was held at Eagle Pass Camp in Wales, MA. This is a brand new LARP campsite with modern amenities built by LARPers for LARPers.

This brand-new campsite is being constructed solely for larping, with high standards of quality. It combines high levels of comfort with a very larp-friendly design, as well as a great location. We’re very excited about this camp!

The Monster Camp building has both Heat and AC, as well as a mini-kitchen, toilets, and a shower in the building, allowing space for Staff Desk, relaxing when not in roles, but also has NPC sleeping quarters so you don't need to leave to get your costuming and equipment, or even to eat or shower.

The Bath house has two sides with toilets and showers, and is heated. It is located between the Staff Building/Monster Camp and the PC Cabin area.

PC Cabins consist of three large buildings that have 10 bunks (20 beds) and a common area, as well as porch. These buildings are winterized and heated. There are also 3 smaller cabins with 8 bunks (16 beds), with modern wiring to support space heaters, but are not heated. These are located in a common area near a large field, but spaced out enough to not feel clustered together.

The Tavern has a kitchen, as well as several bathrooms and showers. It is heated and has AC, as well as a main common area and several side buildings.

The camp has two module buildings, one of which has custom built crawl space for rogue modules. It also has several trails and lots of wooded area in which to run outdoor encounters.

Photos of the Tavern building can be seen here.


Directions to Eagle Pass Camp:

38 Walker Road, Wales, MA 01081

From MA, RI, NH:

  • Take the Mass Turnpike (Route 90) to Exit 9 (Route 84/20).
  • Take the first exit: Route 20 West.
  • Follow Route 20 through Sturbridge to Brimfield, a total distance of 7 miles.
  • Turn left onto Route 19 South. Obey posted limits - this road is heavily policed.
  • Follow Route 19 for 4 miles into the center of Wales.
  • At the top of a hill, you will see "Tedores" Restaurant on your left, and may see Lake George in front of you. Take the left turn at the restaurant - this puts you on Union Road.
  • In about half a mile, you will see a red sign on your right for the "Lakeland Beach Club". Across from that (on the left) is a sharp turn up the hill onto Walker Road. Take that turn.
  • Walker Road is a short road, including a blind hill. Please keep speed down to 15 mph on this road. When the paved road ends you will see a sign for 38 to the left. Take that left (Eagle Pass Road, a private road).
  • Follow this road until you see the tavern. It is something over a quarter mile.

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Secondary Campsite: Ye Olde Commons

The January 2016 Cottington Woods weekend event will be held at Ye Olde Commons in Charlton, MA. The campsite is located 55 miles west of Boston, not far off the Mass Pike.

Click here for a map of the main area of the campsite
and here for a map of the entire campsite

Photos from a Walk-through in November 2015 can be found here.

The Dining Hall is an eating facility featuring a large function hall, a kitchen, restrooms, and a shower house. This will be the main gathering location of PCs during the event - it will be the equivalent of the Cotting House, but will be a changing IG location as the PCs experience what Neverland offers.

Their five new cabins are one-room rustic camp cabins with double-bunks. Their capacity is 5-6 bunks (10-12 beds). They feature electricity and heating, and are insulated. Restroom and shower facilities are provided in the Dining Hall in conjunction with its use.

The utility building, often referred to as the module building, can be used as storage facility, or as indoor setting by LARPs or re-enactment groups renting the camp facilities. The barn features 10'x10' stalls which may be utilized for storage between events by LARPs and re-enactment clubs or similar groups that rent the camp on a multi-use basis. It also features some areas that can be used for indoor settings by LARPS and re-enactment groups. Various small outbuildings can serve as storage or as settings for LARPs and re-enactment groups renting the camp facilities.

The woods of the camp feature numerous trails over ca. 40 acres, some of which are served by electrical outlets which may be used for special outdoors settings.

Parking will be available in the large open field before the House.

Directions to Ye Olde Commons:

120 Northside Rd, Charlton, MA 01507

Coming from Boston:

1) Take the Mass Pike to exit 10.
2) Keep to the right, following US-20 West and RT-12 South.
3) Turn onto US-20 West, Northside Rd. is 5.4 miles. Look for the large white sign with the YOC unicorn. There is also a large sign for St Mary's Vinyard. Once on Northside Rd. follow for 1 mile. Ye Olde Commons is on the right.

Coming from New Hampshire and Maine:

1) I-495 S towards Worcester.
2) Merge onto I-290 W via exit 25B toward Worcester.
3) Merge onto US-20 W via exit 6B toward Sturbridge. At Northside Rd look for the large white sign with the YOC unicorn. There is also a large sign for St Mary's Vinyard. Once on Northside Rd. follow for 1 mile. Ye Olde Commons is on the right.

Coming from western Massachusetts, Vermont, upstate New York

1) Take Mass Pike I-90 east.
2)Merge onto I-84 W/Wilbur Cross Hwy via exit 9 toward US-20/Sturbridge/Hartford.
3) Follow US-20 into Charlton. You will cross Route 31. The next light is N Main Street to the right. Follow US-20 for 1 mile past this light and use the turn around.
4) Northside Rd is the first right (about .7 miles). Look for the large white sign with the YOC unicorn. There is also a large sign for St Mary's Vinyard. Once on Northside Rd. follow for 1 mile. Ye Olde Commons is on the right.

Coming from Rhode Island (Providence)

1) From I-95 N merge onto RI-146 N via exit 23 toward Woonsocket/State Offices.
2) Turn onto US-20 West, Northside Rd. is approximately 11.5 miles. Look for the large white sign with the YOC unicorn. There is also a large sign for St Mary's Vinyard.
Once on Northside Rd. follow for 1 mile. Ye Olde Commons is on the right.


Other Campsite: YMCA Camp Woodstock

The March 2014 Cottington Woods weekend event will be held at YMCA Camp Woodstock in Woodstock, CT. The campsite is conveniently located 73 miles southwest of Boston, not far off I-84 in Connecticut, reachable by the Mass Pike.

Click here for a map of the campsite

We are still finalizing locations on the site, so these may change. Presently:

PC housing will be in Cabins 12 through 17
NPCing housing will be in the Boathouse. There are 44 beds (22 bunks) located here. This building is heated.
The Cotting House will be located at "Pop's Lodge." This building is heated.
Monster Camp will be in the Boathouse. In addition to bed space, there is a large common room for Monster Camp, kitchen, and two attached bathhouse with bathrooms and showers.

Please note that there will be a college group utilizing Roskin Lodge and the Dining Hall during our stay. We will have use of the Barn for module space all weekend, and "The Cube" (the activity space) for part of the weekend. Cabins 1-11, 18-19, and Buckingham will be used for module space.

Camp Woodstock is a large modern campsite. The cabins are solidily built and in excellent repair; each has electricity, screened windows, built-in wooden bunks, and sleep between twelve and sixteen people each (depending on the cabin layout). Unlike at Camp Frank A Day, cabins can support space heaters and crock pots being utilized, though we encourage as always for players to eat dinner communily at the Cotting House.

Parking on the campsite is somewhat limited; main parking is located behind and to the left of the cafeteria (the second driveway from the entrance), and there is limited parking space available by the main office (first driveway from the entrance, up a small hill). As always, please try not to park anyone in, or park in such a way that an emergency vehicle cannot get through. Cars must be moved from the main campsite by no later than 10PM on Friday night.

The campsite is on a very pretty lake, but unfortunately our rental agreement does not grant us access to swim. Please do not do so!

Directions to YMCA Camp Woodstock:

42 Camp Road, Woodstock Valley, CT 06282

From Boston, Massachusetts:

  1. Take the Mass Pike to exit 9, Sturbridge.
  2. Merge onto I-84 towards US-20/Hartford/New York City
  3. Take Exit 17 toward CT-171/Holland Mass/Union
  4. Turn left at the end of the exit onto CT-171.
  5. Take your next left and cross over the interstate.
  6. At the stop sign turn right onto 171 and proceed 2.3 miles and stay on Rt. 171 as it takes a left hand turn.
  7. You'll travel a little over 2 miles when the road will fork, and you'll bear left onto Rt. 197, and follow it about 2 miles to Rt. 198, and turn right.
  8. Our Camp sign is located on Camp Road which is one mile on the left side of Rt. 198.
  9. Turn left onto Camp Road.
  10. Travel about one half mile on Camp Road to the third left at another large white 'Camp Woodstock' sign.

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