Character Creation

"Once Upon A Time, in the land of Farraway, there was Cottington Woods."
-unknown Patron

The Cotting House sits in the middle of enchanted Cottington Woods, where it serves as a meeting place and the center of commerce for landholdings and craftsmen throughout the community. The House rests south of Collamoor and Asylum, north of Farraway and Halfway, east of Greencloud and west of UnderMarsh. Travelers from and to any of those places pass by the house each day. Thus far neither the High King in Farraway nor his reluctant vassal, the King of Clubs have laid claim to the tiny town, but itís young yet, and hasnít attracted much attention.

The surrounding woods are home not only to humans, and more distantly to goblins and to elves, but to the Fair Folk as well. And while itís wise to avoid fairies at all costs, in Cottington Woods itís just not possible.

The characters of Cottington Woods are those settlers whose will it is to make the tiny town thrive, and to do so they will have to overcome many obstacles, not the least of which is the Spirit of the Woods itself. Our players will explore fairy tales and fables in their darkest form. Wait, fairy tales? Donít for a second think that Cottington Woods is a game for children. The earliest stories were written as warnings of things to avoid.

Herein, there be dragons!

Weíre back to the basics.

  • Player characters are human.
  • Classic character types. We have fighters, rogues, magicians, and priests. We also have witches, sandmen, and Men of Science.
  • Damage is low. Health is also low!

That small town feel.

  • The townsfolk are encouraged to seek solutions to their own problems, since asking for aid will often come with a price.
  • The characters will fill the major roles about town. Cottington is theirs, and they can develop it in the way they choose. They should be mindful of the Kingís Law, of course.
  • Each character is required to declare an occupation. Is he a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker? Cottington is a small town, and cannot afford to support those who do not help to support it.

Games within Games

  • The Merchant Board -- This ďmini-gameĒ will determine how the players want the town to grow. Occupations equal influence, and influence allows a character to vote on the direction the town will grow.
  • The Codex -- Part encyclopedia, part bible, part adventurerís journal, the Codex is a piece of lore that any player may possess. Researching the Codex will reveal more information that may be helpful over the course of the campaign.
  • Not every challenge will be won by spell or by sword. Things here like to play, and they make up the rules. Expect to swing or throw, but expect as well to miss a turn, or play a card, or move a piece across a board.

"Every man's life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers"
-Hans Christian Andersen

Step One: Concept

We are pretty open about what we will let you play, but we insist that every character has a plot approved character history.

Step Two: Occupation

What does your character do to support himself?

Step Three: Race

Players are human. There are brer animals and golems (both considered human), which require plot approval to play.

Step Four: Culture

All characters are from the Houselands. Several cultures are available that may influence your appearance and the way your character acts.

Step Four: Headers

Choose your header or headers. Consider the skills and flavor you want for your character.

Step Five: Purchase Skills

Choose skills for your character.

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