Our Surveys are a way for both our Players and our Cast to help us get to know you better, so that we can make a game that you will enjoy.

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Player Survey

When you have time, we'd also love it if you could fill out our Player Survey. This gives a chance to get to know you as a player - what plotlines you do and do not enjoy, your expectations and experiences. We want this to be as much your game as ours, and as much as possible, we will try to tailor our plotlines towards your personal preferences.

Take our NPC Survey:

We want to know all about our NPCs, so that you enjoy the game as much as the players do. Please take a moment to fill out the survey, so we can understand what kinds of roles you do and do not enjoy, your preferences, what kind of involvement you'd like to have, whether you wish to join Permanent Cast, and also important things like what kind of snacks and food you'd like to see in Monster Camp.

LARP Conflict Survey

When scheduling our events, we'd like to know what other games our players, NPCs, and Staff are playing, so we can try our best to avoid major conflicts. In the end, however, we're at the mercy of site availability, and can absolutely make no promises that we won't conflict with a game you love out there. There are just too many LARPs running in New England to avoid conflicts, but we'll do our best within the site availability constraints to avoid major conflicts!


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