PELs (Post Event Letters / Summary Letters)

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PELs (Post Event Letters), aka Summary Letters, are one of the tools of communication that Plot Staff of Cottington Woods uses to stay informed of what players and cast did during an event. Much as we keep asking the Faeries to grant us all-seeing-powers, we can't be everywhere at once and see all the wonderful things you are doing or schemes you are hatching.

Your PEL is your chance to tell us
* what you did
* what you are planning on doing
* what you liked and didn't like
* pass along some NPC praise
and more.

They also earn you CP, if you submit them before the deadline.

PELs are always due 2 weeks after the Sunday of an Event. You can still submit PELs after this deadline (and we strongly encourage you to submit one!), but you will not receive CP for it.

Please send all PELs to

Player PEL

You do not need to follow the form below, though the form are the types of things and information we as Plot Staff would like to know and receive about your event. We know some people enjoy writing in-game journals or letters or other such things; you can submit that instead as your PEL, or write bullet-point answers to the questions and add your in-game journal/letter/etc at the end.

PLAYER PEL: (click here to get to the form)
1. What did you do this weekend? Are these the types of things you'd like to be involved in in the future?
2. Are you expecting staff to followup on anything that happened this weekend?
3. What are your character's goals? What actions have you taken or plans made to achieve them?
4. Do you as a player have goals for your character that your character may not be aware of?
5. Do you have plans for next event that aren't captured above that staff should be aware of?
6. Were there any NPC characters you particularly liked, or would like to interact with again? This is your chance to pass along some praise (which we then pass along to our Cast), as well as inform staff of who you enjoyed interacting with.
7. Did you place Influence on the Merchant Board? If yes, what did you place it on and how many Influence tokens? What was your character's intent when placing the influence on the spot they placed it?
8. Did you receive any new Traits, Inflicts, Imbues, Boons or Curses during the event? If so, what were they?
9. Did you assist with cleanup? If so, what did you do?
10. Did you turn in donations? What did you turn in, and to whom/where?
Optional but we'd love to know:
11. What are your character's fears? Insecurities, hates, etc? What and/or who do they care about most? What are their aspirations and motivations? Have these things changed? What has changed if they have?
12. Who are your characters friends/allies? Enemies? Have you made new ones (friends/enemies/allies)?
13. Were there any roleplaying encounters/moments that you want to share with the Staff?
14. Do you have any feedback on the game? Is there something you'd like to see that is not currently there? Any problems you had that you feel we should address?
15. Are there any stories and/or themes you'd particularly love for us to "twist" into a Cottington Tale or explore in the course of the game?
16. Do you have an In-Game Journal, Notes, or other things you'd like to share with us? Where is your character's headspace currently at?
17. Any other comments/feedback:

Please submit your PEL using the PEL Form, or send to

We know some people like to use Google Documents to keep their PELs. Google Docs are fine, but we ask two things:

  • Please ensure that if you share the Google Doc, you send an email to with the doc in the body of the email. (Check off "Paste the item itself into the email")
  • Either make an editor so they can add other plot staff members to the doc to read it, OR change the doc permissions so that Anyone with the Link can access the doc.

Between Event / Info Skills

There are several skills in the game that allow you to take actions between events to gain additional information or influence the game in some fashion. These skills must be submitted for use by the PEL deadline of 2 weeks after the event.

You may submit Between Event Skills using the Info Skill form here.

In-Game Letters

Letters: can be submitted with the Info/Between Event Skill form, or can be submitted to (please put "Letters" somewhere in the subject of the email if sending separate from your PEL).

Our Letter Policy:
You may also submit Letters if you are writing to NPCs between events. There is no guarantee that a letter will reach its destination (or won't be intercepted) or that you will receive a response, unless you have an appropriate skill that guarantees a response. As Plot only has so much time between events, we kindly ask that you don't send us twenty different letters -- or that if you do, you tell us which one or two you want most to reach its destination/have a response.

Sending Letters will cost in-game money for letters being sent to non-local NPCs. Over the winter, the town merchant, Geoffrey Hamille, will be establishing the courier service in Cottington Woods and will responsible for this going forward. Again, there is no guarantee going through either service that the letters will reach their destination or a response will be given, though generally letters sent through Courier service will arrive where intended. But anything can happen.


Remember that most games with which we have an exchange offer additonal CP for writing an NPC PEL. And they are important for us, as Staff, so we know what happened during roles, how plotlines moved along, and what follow-up the PCs might be expecting, as well as what roles you enjoyed and want to play again.

The deadline for PEL Submission is two weeks after an event.

NPC PEL (click here to go to the PEL form)
1. What happened in the roles you played?
2. Did anything happen that you believe requires follow-up? Is there a direction you would like to take that follow-up?
3. What, if any, are the goals or unfinished business of the NPCs you played, and what actions did you take towards those goals? What actions do you want to take?
4. Did you get enjoyable roles? Which were your most favorite? Are there any you'd like to recur?
5. Is there any kind of role you'd like more of or less of next event? (Specific types of roles, or a different balance of RP/combat, etc.)
6. Were there any roleplaying encounters/moments that you want to share with the Staff?
7. Any other comments or feedback?
8. Where would you like your CP to go?
9. Did you assist with cleanup? If yes, please describe what you did for cleanup.

Please either use the PEL Form, or send all PELs to


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