Looking for information on where to buy costuming, armor, weapons, and more for your characters? We've put together a collection of merchants, craftsmen, websites, and more to help you find what you need.

The Tales opening Adventure Day Fundraiser has been sponsored by some great local businesses! Please consider them for your LARPing needs.

| Auntie Arwen's Spices | B3 Imagination Studios | Laughing Oak Bakery | Liddle Druid | Loot Drop Crafts | Lusty Leather | Meloria Maille |
| Nana Carol's Quilts | Orion Leather | Silver Owl Creations
| A Valley of Stars | Xeph-Ink / LARP Hack |

Other resources coming soon.

Sponsors of the Adventure Day Fundraiser


Auntie Arwen is well-known in the SCA(Society for Creative Anachronism) for her spice blends - from food blends, salts, spices, rubs, and more to beverage blends, teas, and coffees. She has well over 300 custom blends, and will work directly with you to create custom blends. You really need to try her spices - they will transform your cooking! And for those of you Tea Fanatics (like me), she has dozens and dozens of tea blends, and will even create a custom blend for you to sample based on your preferences. Auntie Arwen's Spices is donating a $25 gift certificate to our Raffle so that you, too, can see how amazing her spices are!


B3 Imagination Studios is the creation of Ben, Allysum, and Kat - crafters and LARPers here in New England. They offer a MakerSpace for local crafters to create and produce goods, but they are perhaps best known among the LARPing community for their high quality Weapons, Shields, and Bows.

Erin of Laughing Oak Bakery is not only a fellow LARPer, but perhaps one of the kindest people you'll ever meet - her motto, "Love Baked In," couldn't be more true! For those in the know, her baked goods are already a staple of the LARPing community, in high demand for every event.

Niki of Liddle Druid is a fellow LARPer and a leather/textile crafter extraordinaire. Check out her website, as she makes a wide variety of leather goods and leather/textile costume pieces, accessories and more.


Abrihette of Dragon's Opus is a fellow LARPer who makes beautiful chainmaille jewelry and custom costuming. She was a Cottington Woods player, too!

Lusty Leather is well-known in the LARPing and Renaissance Faire circles of New England as creators of fine leather goods - from bodices and cinchers, to frogges and pouches, to accessories such as hair pieces, mess kits, and more. They have the perfect things to add that distinguising touch to your character.

Heidi of Meloria Maille is not only a local business, but a fellow LARPer. She makes one-of-a-kind chainmaille jewelry, accessories, and other items.


Nana Carol makes beautiful hand-crafted quilts, from blankets to wall-hangings. These are the perfect things to decorate your cabin, or to snuggle up in on a cold LARP event (not to mention adding a little in-game decor to your bed!). Contact her by email here.



Shawn MacAulay (owner) and Sammy Eddy of Orion Leather make beautiful handcrafted leather items: belts, masks, armor, pouches, headgear, and more. Sammy will also be making masks for the Afer Dark LARP, starting in November 2017.

Kendra is a fellow LARPer who makes beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry. Silver Owl Creations sells steampunk and fantasy wire wrapped antique key jewelry, braided wire bracelets adorned with leaves or crystals, swirling colorful earrings, and other wire wrapped or sculpted wire adornments with a steampunk, fantasy, or faery flair.


Azyzl and Vespa are incredible artists and LARPer who makes amazing character portraits, custom artwork, and a variety of accessories from homemade soaps, pendants, LED crystals, and more. They will be attending at the event, so you can meet them in person and buy some of their great stuff. Win a full color character portrait from them in our Raffle!


Xephyr is well-known among the New England LARPing and Ren Faire crowd. Xeph-Ink sells original Celtic Tapestries, Cloaks, and quality LARP gear and jewelry, while LARP Hack sells boffer weapons and reports on the latest goings on in the New England LARPing community. They are well known for their comprehensive LARP Calendar.


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