Cottington Woods Fundraiser Virtual Bake Sale

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Virtual Bake Sale open until end of day Saturday 8/1 (Purchase Now!)

Our amazing Cottington Players are supporting a virtual bake sale by providing vouchers that can be redeemed IN-GAME for baked goods at an upcoming Cottington Woods Full Weekend Events (baked goods will not be available at the one-days). This is in lieu of the usual IG coinage to purchase their baked goods, you will instead present these vouchers which are a Witnessed By a Priest of the Word voucher for Baked Goods.

If you haven't played Cottington Woods before, I can tell you that the baked goods of our PCs were a draw for PC, NPC, and Staff alike! And who doesn't want yummy sweetness during an event??

Rosemay and Cyril (Hillary C. and Angus B.) - a Heartlander baking team offering yummies since Cottington Woods 1, their baked goods are somewhat famous in the Woods - so much so, it is said, that they have even delighted the Sugar Plum Fairy. They are offering Vouchers that can be redeemed for 2 muffins, 1 mini-loaf, or equivalent during a future Cottington Woods weekend event. In the past, they've offered such yummies as Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread, Banana Breads, Cinnamon Muffins, Blueberry Muffins, and more! Cyril is also selling 4oz jars of salted caramel!

Baked Good 1: $2 per Voucher for 1 Mini-Loaf / 2 Muffins / or equivalent
Baked Good 2: $5 per 4oz jar of Salted Caramel (to be delivered at first Cottington Woods weekend event)

Raul (Kerry B.) - a Chocolatier originally hailing from Farraway City - has been delighting the woods with chocolate since Tales of the Cotting House. He is offering a voucher to redeem for a piece of fudge at any future weekend event! Please give him 2 weeks notice prior to an event you'd like to redeem so he can ensure the chocolate is made!

Baked Good 3: $2 per 1/4 lb piece of Chocolate Fudge
Baked Good 4: $2 per 1/4 lb piece of Chocolate Mint Fudge
Baked Good 5: $2 per 1/4 lb piece of Cookies & Cream Fudge
Baked Good 6: $1 per Chocolate Lollipop
Baked Good 7: $1 per White Chocolate Lollipop

Garvin (Scotty N) - new to the Woods, Garvin hails from the Spadelands and his baking is well-known locally and sure to make your day better. He is offering vouchers for breakfast cookies, pepperoni rolls, and cheese bread.

Baked Good 8: $2 per Voucher for Pepperoni Roll
Baked Good 9: $1 per Voucher for Breakfast Cookie
Baked Good 10: $1 per Voucher for slice of Cheese Bread

All of the Vouchers are valid through the end of Cottington Woods 2, subject to availability at a given event. We highly recommend letting one of the bakers know when you plan on redeeming one, presuming you know when you are as well! Stock up now to have some yummies for every event (we estimate ~14 weekend events).

As these are small purchase price items, we kindly ask that you bundle together everything you want and send payment in at once for all baked goods, since PayPal will take out most of the cost in fees if you pay individually.

To purchase Bake Sale items or to purchase CW2 Items or Influence Tokens, please click here to go to the purchase form.

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