Cottington Woods Virtual Community Day / Fundraiser / Vendor Faire

Date & Time: Saturday, July 24, 2021, 12pm-7:30pm
Location: VIRTUAL on Discord
Cost: Vendors, Raffle and Auction are FREE! We kindly suggest a $10 donation for attending the Sessions & Panels.

As this is a Fundraiser, we are asking (but not requiring) an attendance donation of $10, if you are able! Registration donation can be sent to via PayPal.
We will be able to accept PayPal payments in advance or during the day for those who will be purchasing baked goods, raffle tickets, auction items, etc.

For Players and NPCs of Cottington Woods 2, this is a chance to learn about the different headers of Cottington Woods, as well as gain tips and tricks on roguing, combat & casting; costuming, makeup, writing PELs & Character Histories, and more!

For Vendor Faire Attendees, this is also a chance to come and socialize, and to get ahead of your LARPing / Ren Faire shopping by seeing (and buying!) the goods of the Vendors/Merchants/Crafters present, buying some great baked goods (to be redeemed at a Cottington event), and hanging out (virtually) with a great group of people.

Everyone attending is welcome to participate in the Raffle to win great prizes, bid on hand-crafted items in our Silent Auction, purchase yummy food from our Virtual Bake Sale (to be redeemed at a future Cottington event), buy some CW2 Specific Items, and shop with our Vendors!

UPDATED!! -- Our Community Day is OVER and was an amazing success! We are humbled and in awe of your support! Thank you all for attending!!

  • We raised $6,140.30 before merchant fees!
  • We have raised 60% of our goal, and collected all but $577!
  • The $6,000 Stretch Goal of the Community Reward tier is now unlocked!!
  • The Jewelry Block informed us that $225.30 was raised for Cottington Woods!
  • Coming Soon!! CW2 Merchandise (t-shirts, bags, etc) will be coming soon -- and profits from those purchases will count towards Stretch Goal Unlocks!

Our event has been sponsored by some great local businesses!
Special Thanks to The Jewelry Block, Silver Owl Creations, JenEyre Photography, Threads of Time, LARPortal, B3 Imagination Studios, Rivendell Books & Games, Nana Carol's Quilted Creations, Auntie Arwen's Spices, Laughing Oak Bakery, The Dough Lady, Dulce D Leche, Magical Escapes Vacations, Meloria Maille, Muse for Hire, NightmareHorrorShow, Wyrding Studios, and A Valley of Stars - as well as authors Melissa Caruso, Isabel Cooper, and Wayne Spitzer - for your support!

Thank you as well to the following Players/NPCs/Community Members who also donated items for our raffles, silent auctions, and bake sale:
AnDrew G, Angus B., Chavelyin-Marie K (Florist_inthe_Corner), Eric O, George S., Hillary C, James T, Jay S, Katie T-S, Kerry B, Mary S, Matt L, Rhyan H, Samantha H-C, and Scotty N!

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If you plan on attending, even if you are paying at the door, please preregister for the event here .
Preregistering helps us by knowing how many people to expect, how many people are attending each session/panel, and whether there are topics not currently scheduled we should include!
Note that this is just a "letting us know you are coming" form, and not a "paying the suggested donation" if you wished to do so (which you can do below).

Suggested Attendance Donation

You can give the suggested donation for the event via PayPal. If you prefer another method, please contact us at to make arrangements.
Click below to pay directly with PayPal, or send your registration donation to Note that the PayPal form below will allow you to pay by Venmo or Credit/Debit card as well.

Registration for Cottington Woods 2 Community Day. If you wish to give more than the suggested $10, increase the quantity.


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Why Should You Attend the Event?
  • For our Players and NPCs (or fellow LARPers looking for some tips & tricks!):
    • Get to meet the fellow members of our Cottington Woods Community!
    • Learn about the different Cottington Woods headers, get tips on character builds/creation, costuming, makeup, roguing, spellcasting, combat, and more!
    • Ask questions to staff
    • Share your costumes, props, and weapons ahead of the game!
  • For Virtual Faire Attendees - get a head start on your Ren Faire and/or LARP shopping for the season! We will have local craftsmen and vendors here ready to show off and sell you their goods!
  • Buy Raffle Tickets to win great gift baskets and other prizes!
  • Bid in the Silent Auction to win lots of cool items!
  • Purchase Influence Tokens for the Merchant Board and influence the direction of the Stories we will tell in Cottington Woods 2 (every token placed will be taken into consideration) -- and get an idea of what the Merchant/Influence Board is!
  • Shop for costumes, jewelry and other items from local vendors
  • Participate in panels and discussion groups, with topics such as how to write a (Cottington Woods) character history, how to write a PEL, meet the Staff & ask your Questions about the Written World, and more
  • Buy some great food at the Bake Sale (to be redeemed at a future event)!
  • Help raise money to get Cottington Woods an onsite shed/storage space, as well as pay for insurance, campsite deposits, replace lost/broken items, and more to help keep costs low!
  • Find out what Cottington Woods 2 is all about...
How Else Can I Help Out?
  • Discussion Panels
    The event includes a number of breakaway sessions/panels in which larpers with much experience in a given area offer up their advice, expertise, tips, and general knowledge/lore for those interested in getting more into a particular aspect of larping... whether you've been larping for 20 years and want to stretch in a new direction, or are a total newbie.
    Topics will include:
    • Writing a Great PEL and Character History
    • Costuming Tips & Tricks
    • Makeup Tips & Tricks
    • Playing a Caster Tips & Tricks
    • LARP Combat Tips & Tricks
    • Intro to LARPing Tips & Tricks - including How to Have Fun (Self-Entertainment) and How to Get Involved
    • Intro to Accelerant Rules
    • NPCing at Cottington Woods
    • LARPortal Overview & Tips & Tricks
    • Meet the Staff & Ask the GMs your Questions
    • Overview of CW2, style of play, and more
    If you are interested in volunteering to be on a panel, fill out the prereg form here (as there is an option to indicate you wish to be a panelist). We don't want the panels to get too huge, so if it's already full, we may have to gratefully decline. We will offer 5 CP per panel.
  • Vendors / Mini Craft Fair
    We'd like to offer crafters and merchants the chance to sell their wares at the event. As this is a Virtual Event, this is a bit unique: instead of booths, Vendors will have a dedicated Vendor Channel in our Discord Server for this event, where they (and only they) can post links, videos, and channels. However, everyone can enter the channel and chat with vendors, and follow links to make purchases. In return for a "booth," we ask the vendor to provide something for our raffle or silent auction (this can even be a gift certificate or discount coupon code for their store). If interested, or you'd like to make an alternate arrangement, please contact us at
  • Cash Donations
    As this is a fundraiser, we will also be accepting cash donations, though we strongly encourage raffle, auction, and bake sale purchases, as you might then get something in return for your donation! However, we do know some people just want to donate directly to help us raise money to purchase props, costumes, weapons, and other start up costs as well. Please send


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How much will Raffle Tickets, Baked Goods and other things cost, and how do I purchase?

As this is a Virtual Event, we ask that you purchase "CW2 Cards" to use for the Raffle; you will be given ticket numbers that you will assign to the raffle items you wish to win, and a virtual drawing will be done for the winner. As we have many prizes, we will not do all the drawings live (but we will record it), but we will draw some of the big ones during the during the Raffle & Silent Auction results session at 5:45pm.

We will accept Paypal payments (and the payment link accepts PayPal, Venmo, and Credit/Debit card payments) before and during the event for goods purchased. For those who wish to purchase during the day of event, we will be giving everyone the opportunity to "virtually purchase" items throughout the day (such as raffle tickets, baked goods & drinks purchased, auctions won, etc.) and will "check you out" at the end of the day (by giving you your total invoice), so you only need to worry about making one single purchase at the end of the day.

Raffle tickets will cost: $3 for 1; $5 for 2; $10 for 5, $20 for 12, and $30 for 20
Auction items will vary based on the winning bid
Baked Goods will start at $0.50 and go up from there.

How can I participate in the Raffle if I cannot attend the event? I want to win something!

You do not need to attend the event in order to enter our Raffle! To enter the Raffle, first purchase "CW2 Cards". In the description, tell us (1) what items you wish to put tickets in for, and (2) how many tickets towards each item. Every raffle item has its own ticket pool.

To see what Raffle items are up for winning, and to purchase tickets, please go here: Raffle Items!

How do I bid on Silent Auction items if I cannot attend the event?

If you cannot attend the event, but want to to bid on a Silent Auction item, you can certainly do so! Send us an email to with the following information so that we can act as a proxy on your behalf:
* Your Name
* Your PayPal Address (to send invoice to if you win)
* The item(s) you wish to win
* For each item: (1) your starting bid amount; (2) your maximum bid amount; and (3) the increment by which you wish to increase your bid
* If there is an item you really really want to win, and want to be contacted at 3:45pm before the end of the silent auction if your max bid is outbid to consider whether to bid higher, please provide us the means we should contact you at that time and we will do so.

Are you offering Rewards for hitting Fundraising Goals?

Yes! We will offer some Community Goals based on achieving various Fundraising Goals. For more information, go here: Goals: Community Rewards!

We hope that the Community Day / Fundraiser / Vendor Faire will be a very fun time for everyone involved! We're all very excited, and we hope to see all of you there! Thank you in advance for your support.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Please note: Even if you cannot attend the event itself, you can still help out (and earn CP!) by donating items to the event. Please contact us and we can make arrangements to get the items (or you can make arrangements with those attending). You will also be able to purchase CW2 Numbered Cards to use for raffle items, and other such things in advance of the event.

Thank you all again. We look forward to seeing many of you on July 24!

Schedule of the Event

This is our intended schedule of events at the Adventure Day. This is subject to change, and equally subject to "LARP time."

Time Cottington-Specific Panels LARPing Panels Vendor Faire, Gift Baskets & Auctions
Vendor & Staff Setup
12:00pm- 12:15pm
Discord Server Opens! - Preview: Browse the Vendor Channels, Gift Baskets & Silent Auctions
Buy Raffle Tickets
& Bid in the Silent Auction

Vendor Channels are Open!
Time to Shop!

Bake Sale
Welcome: 12:15pm- 12:30pm
WELCOME (And How Things Work)
12:30pm- 12:45pm
Preview: Browse the Vendor Channels, Gift Baskets & Silent Auctions
Session 1: 12:45pm-1:15pm
Header: Witch
current panelists: Michelle
Header: Magician
current panelists: John, Ally D
Header: Bard
current panelists: Niki, Rick, Coryn, Chris S.
Intro to Accelerant
current panelists: Amanda, Angus,
Jenny F.
Costuming Tips & Tricks current panelists: Alysha, JJ, Lauren Mc
Session 2: 1:15pm-1:45pm
Header: Priest
current panelists: Michelle, John
Header: Warrior
current panelists: Niki, Angus
Header: Man of Science
current panelists: Alysha, Matt L.
(Spell) Casting Tips & Tricks
current panelists: Amanda
Makeup Tips & Tricks
current panelists: Coryn, Rick, Mary S, Ally D
Session 3: 1:45pm-2:15pm
Header: Sandman
current panelists: Michelle, Hillary, Matt L
Header: Rogue (and Tips & Tricks)
current panelists: John, J.
Combat (Boffer Fighting) Tips & Tricks
current panelists: Amanda, Angus
Makeup Tips & Tricks
current panelists: Coryn, Mary S, Ally D
LARPortal Overview & Tips
current panelists: Rick, Monique
Session 4: 2:15pm-2:45pm
Header: Sandman
current panelists: Michelle, Kat D
Header: Magician
current panelists: John, Chris S.
Header: Man of Science
current panelists: Alysha, Matt L
Costuming Tips & Tricks
current panelists: Coryn, JJ, Lauren Mc
Writing Great PELs & Histories
current panelists: Rick, Hillary
Session 5: 2:45pm-3:15pm
Header: Witch
current panelists: Michelle
Header: Rogue (and Tips & Tricks)
current panelists: John, J, Hillary
Header: Warrior
current panelists: Niki
(Spell) Casting Tips & Tricks
current panelists: Rick
LARPing Tips & Tricks (and How to Have Fun & Get Involved)
current panelists: Alysha, Amanda
Session 6: 3:15pm-3:45pm
Header: Bard
current panelists: Niki, Coryn, Chris S.
Header: Priest
current panelists: John, J.,
Combat (Boffer Fighting) Tips & Tricks
current panelists: Amanda, Angus
Writing Great PELs & Histories
current panelists: Rick, Hillary, Kat D
NPCing at Cottington
current panelists: Michelle
Session 7: 3:45pm-4:15pm
Cottington-Specific Rules & Character Building Tips/Q&A
current panelists: Michelle, John
LAST CALL! for Raffles & Silent Auctions (or take a break!)
Session 8: 4:45pm-5:45pm
Common Kowledge in Cottinton Woods plus Q&A with the Game Owners
led by John & Michelle
Raffle Drawing & Auction Winners Announced
Session 9: 6:15pm-6:45pm
Sharing Your Costuming, Props, and Weapons
current participants: Alysha, Amanda, Matt L, Matt P,
current participants: Niki, Coryn, Rick, Ally D, Jenny F, Allie Pixie, Jess G,
Session 10: 6:45pm-7:15pm
Sharing Your Costuming, Props, and Weapons
current participants: Alysha, Amanda, Jenny F, Matt P,
Dramatic Readings
current participants: Coryn, Niki, Ally D, Jess G, Matt L
Goodbye And Thank You!
starts at 7:30pm
"After Party" - War Storying & General Hangout

Sponsored by you! And by...

The businesses below are all small businesses local to New England who are gratiously donating items to our auction and raffle to help get Cottington Woods 2 off to a great start. They rely on LARPers like us for their livelihood, so when you're thinking of your CW2 Costumes, Jewelry, Accessories, and more, please consider purchasing from our Adventure Day Fundraiser Sponsors below. And thank you to our Sponsors for helping us out!

| Auntie Arwen's Spices | A Valley of Stars | B3 Imagination Studios | Dulce D Leche | JenEyre Photography | LARPortal |
| Laughing Oak Bakery |
Magical Escapes Vacations | Meloria Maille | Muse for Hire | Nana Carol's Quilts | NightmareHorrowShow | Rivendell Books & Games |
| Silver Owl Creations | The Dough Lady| The Jewelry Block | Threads of Time | Wyrding Studios |

And don't forget to read the books by these amazing authors:
| Isabel Cooper | Melissa Caruso | Wayne Spitzer |

Auntie Arwen's Spices is well-known in the SCA(Society for Creative Anachronism) for their spice blends - from food blends, salts, spices, rubs, and more; to beverage blends, teas, and coffees. They have well over 300 custom blends, and will work directly with you to create custom blends. You really need to try their spices - they will transform your cooking! And for those of you Tea Fanatics (like me), they have dozens and dozens of tea blends, and will even create a custom blend for you to sample based on your preferences.

Auntie Arwen's Spices is donating TWO $40 gift certificates to our Raffle and a Quart of their bestseller "Baba Yaga Spices" (Ultimate Garlic Insanity) to the Silent Auction so that you, too, can see how amazing her spices are!


Azyzl and Vespa of A Valley of Stars (also find them on Facebook) are incredible artists and LARPer who makes amazing character portraits, custom artwork, and a variety of accessories from homemade soaps, pendants, LED crystals, and more. They will be attending at the event, so you can meet them in person and buy some of their great stuff.

Win a Healer's Kit Prop from them in our Raffle!


B3 Imagination Studios (also find them on Facebook) is the creation of Ben, Allysum, and Kat - crafters and LARPers here in New England. They offer a MakerSpace for local crafters to create and produce goods, but they are perhaps best known among the LARPing community for their high quality Weapons, Shields, and

B3 is donating a One-Time 25% off coupon to our Raffle!


Dulce D Leche (also find them on Facebook) is where to go for artisan chocolate, gelato, and more! Seriously, their chocolate IS something to write home about. Started as a husband and wife team - Jules and Samy - beginning with gelato and expanding from there, their philosophy with all their food is that it MUST be delicious AND MUST be made from scratch as if you were cooking it at home. They work with local suppliers and sourcers, and have put a lot of love into their business. Please read their story here.

They are offering a Signature Box of Chocolates for our Silent Auction!


JenEyre Photography (also on Facebook and Instagram) is all about "creating potraits that celebrate you." She specializes in Cosplay and LARP photography, but also does beautiful family, couples, and more - her style really lends to showing the "real you" and the dynamics between individual for group shots. If you are looking to get the perfect photos of your LARP character - or LARP team - JenEyre is where to go! Through August 2021, make any donation to the Trevor Project and receive 50% off any session schedule in July or August 2021.

JenEyre is donating a 30 minute mini-session - including an online gallery for proofing and selection, your favorite professionally edited image from the session, opportunity to purchase prints, keepsakes, wall art, and additional images from the online gallery - for our Raffle! For those traveling from afar, note that you have your choice of locations - her Norward, MA studio, local area, select convetions, or even at a Cottington Woods event!


LARPortal (also on Facebook) is THE portal to bring LARP Players, NPCs, and Campaigns together. It gives players a single interface to find new campaigns or manage all of their existing games whether they play, NPC or staff. LARP Portal gives owners a tool to securely manage players, events and character logistics with the benefit of cross campaign functionality for shared calendars, character point exchange and reporting and analytics tools. Cottington Woods 2 will be using LARP Portal to manage events/registration, characters, PELs, and CP exchanges.

Monique & Rick of LARPortal are donating a $100 Gift Certificate to Empire Village Chinese, a great buffet Chinese restaurant near the Frank A Day campsite (and a frequent hangout for the "Bitter End" Cottington crew - for our Silent Auction!


Erin of Laughing Oak Bakery (also find them on Facebook) is not only a fellow LARPer, but perhaps one of the kindest people you'll ever meet - her motto, "Love Baked In," couldn't be more true! For those in the know, her baked goods are already a staple of the LARPing community, in high demand for every event.

She's donating a "Cottington Picnic" - a basket of baked goodies to be delivered at a future Cottington Woods event - for our Raffle!

Michelle of Magical Escapes (forgive the old website; it's in desperate need of an update!) (also on Facebook) is not a fellow LARPer but also co-owner of Cottington Woods. When she cannot travel herself, she lives vicariously through planning memorable getaways and journeys for others. She's an award-winning "Escape Artist" (Travel Agent) who would love to plan your next vacation, whether its to the South Pacific (Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji, or Cook Islands) or on a cruise or to the Mediterranean or Walt Disney World, she can plan a trip full of memories you'll treasure for life.

As many in Cottington know, Michelle and John are both Disney fans, and members of the Disney Vacation Club. They are donating TWO separate Raffles of 2 Nights at your choice of Animal Kingdom Lodge (Savanna View Studio) or Disney's Wilderness Lodge (Copper Creek or Boulder Ridge, Studio room) for the Raffle!


Heidi of Meloria Maille (also on Facebook) is not only a local business, but a fellow LARPer. She makes one-of-a-kind chainmaille jewelry, accessories, and other items, carefully crafted and constructed one ring at a time. She loves to help people develop and execute their ideas; see something she has that you like, but maybe want it in a different color combination? Let her know, adn she can work with you to create a custom piece based on your desires!

Meloria Maille is offering a Removeable d20 KeyChain to be won in our Raffle!

Heather Senz, Muse for Hire, Writing Coach, (also on Facebook) is here to help you fall in love with your own ideas. She will help invoke inspiration - brainstorming ideas, motivation, encouragement, and confidence-building services to help you get out of your own way and put pen to paper. "Give those tremulous and wild ideas a place to be heard, tested, polished. An entire session dedicated to the words spilling out of your mouth; a chance to say everything out loud to an audience eager to listen. We’ll banish any doubts blocking your path to bring your vision to life. Optional writing time with an on-call support available. The time is yours."

Heather is offering a 60-Minute "Muse for Hire" Coaching Session for our Raffle, and a "Write Now Right Now" 3-Session with Writing Time Bundle in the Silent Auction!
She will also be available for mini-sessions or just to chat in her vendor discord channel during the Community Day from 4-7pm!


Carol's Quilted Crafts makes beautiful hand-crafted quilts, including blankets, throws, table accesories, wall-hangings, and more. These are the perfect things to decorate your cabin, or to snuggle up in on a cold LARP event (not to mention adding a little in-game decor to your bed!). Contact her by email here.

A hand-made set of pot holders are yours to win in our Silent Auction! You have 3 chances to win, as there will be 3 raffle offerings!


NightmareHorrorShow is a talented artist on DeviantArt who is "an unapolagetic goth and anime lover who was sad she couldn't get a username to do with cats. I'll take commissions for character design, draw your OC, or draw fanart of your favorite characters. No erotic stuff, but makeouts and scantily clad people are okay. I'm fine with drawing disturbing things or gore. The things I'm best at drawing are humanoid characters and clothing, but I can draw pretty much anything. I use an anime inspired art style. Commissions may take anywhere between a day and a few weeks to get back to you. Check out my commissions page for more details!"

A custom character portrait is yours to win in the Silent Auction!


Rivendell Books & Games (also on Facebook) is your source for Board Games, Collectible Card Games, Roleplaying Games, new and used books, miniatures, collectibles, and more! Located in Rehoboth, MA, they also have space to host local game nights and card game tournaments. Rob's lifelong dream was to run a gaming store, and he works hard to provide a space for gamers to shop and play. Support local gaming stores - check them out today!

Rivendell is donating The Curse of Strahd Revamped set, with prepainted minis of the characters featured in the adventure (a $140 value) for our Silent Auction!

Kendra of Silver Owl Creations (also on Facebook, Etsy, and Patreon) is a fellow LARPer who makes beautiful hand-made wire-wrapped and hand-colored jewelry, including found objects such as antique keys, locks, leaves, wings, and more. Silver Owl Creations sells steampunk and fantasy wire wrapped antique key jewelry, braided wire bracelets adorned with leaves or crystals, swirling colorful earrings, and other wire wrapped or sculpted wire adornments with a steampunk, fantasy, or faery flair.

A custom, Cottington-themed pendant - "Words in the Woods" - will be available to win in our Silent Auction! Words in the Woods is an antique key pendant with green hand-colored brass oak leaves, silver vintage pen nib, antique brass colored enameled copper wire, Swarovski crystals, chain or cord of your choice included. Slightly over 3 3/4" long including the bail.

Silver Owl Creations is also offering TWO Raffle Prizes -- select a pair of earrings from among these if you win in the Raffle! Ear wires are titanium for silver-tone earrings, brown anodized niobium for brass or gold-tone earrings. Charms are base metal.


Heather of The Dough Lady (also on Facebook) has been making her "famous" chocolate chip cookies for over 16 years. Any gathering she goes to, they are highly requested. In the beginning of the pandemic, a friend asked her to make some cookie dough as a gift for their friends. She gladly did so and posted about it on her Facebook page. Suddenly she had a massive amount of people wanting some as well. This is how The Dough Lady USA was born! She now offers a wide variety of cookie dough - including vegan, edible cookie dough (if you'd rather eat it than cook it!), allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and more!

The Dough Lady is offering a $50 gift certificate for any of her Cookie Dough in our Raffle!


Erin of The Jewelry Block (also on Facebook) is a Cottington player / fellow LARPer, and a talented artist specializing in handmade jewelry - rings, necklaces, and bracelets - with sea glass, pearls, shells, gemstones, sterling silver, and glass. She loves nautifcal themes and simple designs that can be worn with any outfit and for any occassion.

The Jewelry Block is offering a $100 credit to their store to bid for in our Silent Auction!

Additionally, the Jewelry Block is offering to donate 50% of their profits from any sale made during the event and for one week afterwards to Cottington Woods!


Threads of Time offers unique clothing, wedding garments, specialty costumes and accessories. All of our garments are historically influenced with a strong Celtic flair, custom made to your specifications. Medieval, Renaissance and Elizabethan time periods being our main focal points, but there is some Fantasy, Gothic, and Pagan thrown in as well. Many of the items are embellished with Celtic knotwork. We strive to offer the highest quality, handmade garments possible, and strike the balance between Fun, Form, Function and Historic Fashion.

Threads of Time is offering an Adventurer's Shirt in any size M to XXL, off-white only, for our Silent Auction!


Kythryne of Wyrding Studios (also on Facebook) creates "one-of-a-kind wearable sculptures, organically designed and crafted entirely by hand. We capture moments and memories, we draw upon legends and myths, we make talismans, we send tiny bits of beauty out into the world." New items are added to the website every week!

Wyrding Studios is offering a necklace "Patterns Within Patterns" for our Silent Auction!
and the winnter's choice of Kaldeiscope Earrings for our Raffle!

Isabel Cooper (a LARPer and Cottington Woods NPC!) lives in Boston, Massachusetts with a houseplant she's managed to keep alive for over a year now—a personal best. By day, she's a mild-mannered editor at a legal publishing company. By night, she's really quite a geek: polyhedral dice, video games, and everything. She only travels through time the normal direction, and has never fought any kind of demon, unless you count younger sisters. She can waltz, though. She specializing in paranormal romance novels. Follow her blog here, and buy her books on Amazon here.

Isabel is offering a signed copy of her latest novel, Stormbringer, as well as a signed copy of The Highland Dragon's Lady, for our Raffle!


Melissa Caruso (a LARPer and Cottington Woods NPC!) is a fantasy author of books of magic, murder, machinations, and mayhem. Her complete Swords and Fire trilogy consists of THE TETHERED MAGE (Orbit, 2017), THE DEFIANT HEIR (Orbit, 2018), and THE UNBOUND EMPIRE (2019). Her new trilogy, Rooks and Ruin, begins with THE OBSIDIAN TOWER (Orbit, 2020) and will continue in 2021 and 2022. Melissa’s debut, THE TETHERED MAGE, was shortlisted for a Gemmell Morningstar Award.

Melissa is a fantasy writer, tea drinker, larper, mom, and all-around geek. Despite being born on the summer solstice and going to school in an old mansion with a secret door, she has yet to develop any known superpowers. She lives in Massachusetts with her video game designer husband and two superlative daughters, and has been known to do battle in ballgowns.

Melissa is represented by the amazing Naomi Davis of BookEnds Literary. Follow Melissa on her website, on Twitter, on Goodreads, or buy her books on Amazon.

Melissa is offering a signed copy of The Obsidian Tower for the Raffle, and a complete, signed copy of the entire Swords & Fire Trilogy in our Silent Auction!


Wayne Kyle Spitzer is is an American author and low-budget horror filmmaker from Spokane, Washington. He is the writer/director of the short horror film, Shadows in the Garden, as well as the author of Flashback, an SF/horror novel published in 1993. Spitzer's non-genre writing has appeared in subTerrain Magazine: Strong Words for a Polite Nation and Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History. His recent fiction includes The Ferryman Pentalogy, consisting of Comes a Ferryman, The Tempter and the Taker, The Pierced Veil, Black Hole, White Fountain, and To the End of Ursathrax, as well as The X-Ray Rider Trilogy and a screen adaptation of Algernon Blackwood’s The Willows. Buy his books on Amazon here.

Wayne is offering a signed copy of The Complete Flashback series for our Raffle!


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