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04/28/2016Do you want a Potluck at the May 21 one day, and would you donate entree(s)/food/drink for CP?
01/03/2016Will you be attending the Friday Night RP session at the Cottington Woods January 8-10, 2016 Event?
01/09/2014If Cottington were to run an RP One-Day Event on 2/1/2014, would you be able to attend? (Please note that a decision to run this event is based on the number of players and npcs who can attend. Please only vote "yes" if you are *certain* you will be there!)
08/29/2012I think we’ve gotten all the feedback from the playtest we’re going to get. Thank you to everyone who participated, and especially thanks to everyone who sent us a PEL. I learned a lot from watching the fights and from the conversations we had. Now folks want to make concepts. They want to know what to play! Moreover, they want to know what YOU want to play. So to that end, a poll! (Yay, another poll!) You’ve had a chance to look at the rules, and to consider your role in the Cottington Woods community. What do you wish to play as your primary header? If you are interested in a secondary header, just list it in the comments.
08/21/2012Now that the Playtest is done, what is your current interest in Cottington Woods?
05/30/2012We would like to run a Fundraiser / Playtest event this summer - complete with some CP opportunities! What date should we have it?
05/21/2012It's been a while since the last update. How are you holding out?
04/23/2012The Cottington Woods Opening One Day has been set for Saturday 11/3/2012. We know it's early yet, but we'd like to get an early feel for attendance at our Opening Event!
04/13/2012Our headers are up. With the understanding that your mind could change between now and the game’s launch, we’d like to know which headers interest you. Feel free to expand your choice in the comments section.
03/25/2012What information are you most interested in seeing next?
03/12/2012What is your current interest in Cottington Woods at this time?
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